Gus V. Sermas is an expressionist painter whose work features many elements of Hellenism. Born in Laconia, Greece, he moved to Waco, Texas, as a boy. During his interview, he recalls the initial interest that brought him to the arts.

When Gus was just four years old, his father came home from the fields and held up a handful of grapes against the sun. Gus asked his father to raise the grapes again and again. The intense colors of the grapes dazzled Sermas. “In retrospect, that was the first experience I had that related to painting itself, ” said Sermas.

With a career spanning more than half a century, his paintings can be seen in many collections both private and international. Sermas taught at West Chester University where he retired but continues to paint. His painting influences are Vincent Mariani, Austin, Barry Schatman, St. Louis, Milton Resnick, New York City, and Richard Lazzaro from the University of Wisconsin.

He is represented by the Cerulean Arts Gallery in Philadelphia. He recently exhibited in Wilmington, Delaware, at the Blue Streak Gallery. To find out more about Gus, visit his website at