March 18, 2012: Cosmos Philly launches its new multi-media website.

Founders Eleftherios “Ted” Kostans and Vasilios Keisoglou met to discuss the possibility of beginning a website for the Philadelphia Greek-American community, which would include news, announcements, and stories. Vasili, a professional videographer with experience in Greek television and radio, and Ted, a seasoned professional photographer whose photos have adorned the pages of Time, Life, and Newsweek magazines, and the Philadelphia Inquirer newspaper, had everything in place to start this new endeavor.

But what would they call this new business? A strong contender was “Proto” but after weeks of discussion, they settled on “Cosmos Philly.” They used “Cosmos” because they wanted to spread this new multi-media beyond the Greek-American community of Philadelphia, and “Philly” to show where they had their roots – Philadelphia.

They started the Cosmos Philly Facebook page and the reaction was overwhelming. With the help of their webmaster, Georgios Kousagiannidis in Greece, six months later the website was completed and launched on March 18, 2012, and was an instant success, giving rise to a catchphrase among the youth, “Είμαστε live από το Cosmos Philly!”

After seven years, Cosmos Philly has broken all records with news stories, original content, documentaries, intriguing and insightful blogs, and it is has become the eyes and the ears of the Greek-American community and beyond. It is cited in major news sources and its content is shared throughout the world. From a small and humble beginning, Cosmos Philly has blasted into world scene with a roar.