The end of the year is almost here and it’s time to list some of my favorite sayings or terms that were “coined” in the many blogs I wrote over the past year. Many were repeated in your comments (and I do read your comments), but what is funny is when I have met some of you out in public, as soon as I am introduced, someone will use the saying, for example, “Hi, I’m Harry.” And the response is, “Oh, you’re the guy that writes on Cosmos Philly. Yeah, I just started coming back to the Greek scene… I guess I’m Re-Greeking!”

Here’s my list:

Re-Greeking (from “Re-Greeking”): When a person of Greek descent gives up being “Greek,” for any reason, but usually for love, but then realizes years later that they miss their Mom throwing a pandofla at them or seeing the head of a lamb in the refrigerator during Easter. You know, the Greek things that are singed into your life psyche that have made you either a well-rounded person or completely insane.

The GD (from “The Greek Discount”): This is very simple. You Greek? You pay lower price – Greek Discount.

The Greek Antenna (from “The Greek Discount” and “Greeks-One Big Happy Family”): These are those imaginary antennas that start to buzz when something “Greek” is about to happen. i.e. figuring out if the family sitting across from you at the airport are Greek, or, when you’re about to get a GD.

The World Wide Greek Grapevine (from “The World Wide Greek Grapevine”): You’re out for the evening and before you come home, you’re mother, and the entire extended family, know exactly where you were, who you were with, and what you were doing. Passed down from generation to generation with the kids still trying to figure out how it’s done – all without using cell phones or GPS tracking systems.

CFSEs (from “Thank God for Gus and Maria”): CFSE is an acronym for “chain food service establishments.” You know them…the no atmosphere, overpriced, cookie-cutting menu, non-Greek restaurants, where the automaton employees can’t make a decision, like a request from the customer to hold the onions, without the corporate attorney providing a legal opinion and R&D researching the environmental impact. Just give me good ol’ Gus and Maria.

Throwing the Na (from “Throwing the Na”): You know what this is – the throwing of your hand with the five fingers extended while saying “Na!” There are numerous occasions and persons we would have liked to throw a Full Monty Na at over the past year…too numerous to name here, but I am sure you have a few.

Lick and Stick (from “Hartoura, The Art of Throwing”): There are so many techniques of throwing tips on the Greek band at a wedding or at the bouzoukia, but the Lick and Stick is my personal favorite and seems to be your favorite too. That’s where the person licks or slightly spits on the money and sticks it on the musician’s forehead while he is playing. Gross but a true classic. It is a dying technique for obvious health reasons, so just wait until your favorite musician is sweating and you can avoid the lick and just stick.

GMGPS (from “Justice and a Pandofla, And the Will to Use It – Surviving Greek Parents”): Greek Mother Global Positioning System. Every Greek mother has it released when they give birth – like some kind of endorphin. It goes hand-in-hand with the World Wide Greek Grapevine, but more specific – she’ll track you down even on New Year’s Eve in Times Square!

Yia’sou and Yo (from “Yia’sou and Yo): If you’re a Greek from Philly, you understand. If you’re from Canada, it’s “Yia’sou and Eh.” If you’re from the South, it’s “Yia’sou and Y’all.” From California, “Yia’sou and Dude.”

Meatballakia (from “Greeklish”): One of the many English words that we Greeks of the diaspora have bastardized into making it sound Greek by adding a Greek ending to the word. Steakie, carro, hot dogia, and more! Meatballakia is my favorite.

Karaccino (from “The Other Greek Coffee”): I decided that if Starbucks has Frappuccino and Dunkin Donuts has Dunkaccino, and I am sure there are a slew of other cappuccinos with fancy names, I would have a Karaccino. Why not? Sounds cool.

There you have. The top sayings for year 2013. Merry Christmas everyone and have a safe, happy, and prosperous New Year!

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