Mrs. Toula Angelakos has become a teaching institute for at least two generations of students and for two Greek schools. This is an honor that she has attained through her decades of contribution in the area of Greek education in America.

She launched her career before 1980 at Saint Luke, where she still very capably directs the Greek school, for almost thirty years now. At the same time, she has been teaching since 1995 at the Academy of Aristotle at Saint George, where she focuses on teaching the Greek language to students of the higher grades.

Her great experience and knowledge impart her the ability to systematically organize the basic knowledge which her students have acquired in earlier grades and to help them enrich their vocabulary and rise to the loftier tiers of learning – both in the Greek language and in the Greek culture.

For many years now, in addition to her teaching language to the 7th graders, she has been assigned the task of introducing and training her students for the B level of Proficiency in Greek. Her efforts in this area, too, have met with great success.

Her personal cultivation, coupled with the consistency, reliability, dedication and total commitment she has exemplified during her entire tenure in the field of Greek Letters, have made her an integral and essential piece of the Greek education in the Philadelphia region.

The Holy Metropolis of New Jersey has repeatedly honored Mrs. Toula Angelakos for her tireless educational work. Her students, as well as the entire Hellenic Diaspora, are grateful for all her contributions during forty years of teaching. Not only do her old students never forget her, many of them have brought their own children to her, so that she can school those, too. This honor is the most significant recognition and award that an educator can achieve as the fruit of her labors!