Boynton Beach, FL – Eleni Pantaridis is a 43 year old mother of three, an accomplished lawyer, and to keep the stress in her life to a minimum, she has been taking yoga classes for five years. Pantaridis is a Greek-American woman originally from Upper Darby, PA and now resides in Boynton Beach, FL with her family. In 2009, she established her own law firm: The Law Office of Eleni C. Pantaridis, and she has been defending her clients ever since. For more information on her firm, you can visit

Eleni Pantaridis

Eleni Pantaridis

Often times when a client comes in to her office, they ask her, “are you Sparta-Kiss?”. Sparta-Kiss is who Pantaridis transforms into when she partakes in the sport of roller derby. “Your derby name is your alter ego” states Pantaridis, “it is your personality on the track”. Pantaridis was given her name, because her toughness on the track is that of a Spartan warrior. The “Kiss” in Sparta-Kiss is a play on words and given to her because of her passive personality off of the track.

Roller derby is sport that requires physical toughness and strategy. The game consists of two, 30 minute halves, and a five minute half time. At the end of the bout, like in most sports, the team with the most points wins. Like the sport of hockey, which has certain “lines” where players are out on the ice for a short period of time, roller derby has jams of up to 2 minutes. These jams of up to 2 minutes, can be shorter. There are 4-5 lines running during a jam, and there are power lines which consist of four blockers and one jammer on each of them. A blocker can play offense and defense. There is a lead jammer who gets a point for each person she passes throughout the bout, and up to 25 points can be scored. The pivot calls the plays and acts as the captain of the team. Roller derby has gained consideration as an Olympic sport, but has been ruled out for the 2020 Olympics.

Pantaridis is the pivot on her team, the Dub City Derby Girls and she plays offense. She has been roller-skating since the age of five, but she only has been participating in roller derby since August 2012. She first gained interest in the sport when she went to her friend’s bout who is a lawyer as well. Eleni figured that if her friend could do it, then she could as well. “I feel like a little kid when I skate” says Pantaridis, “It is the only time where I am not a mom, a lawyer, or a wife.”

Dub City Derby Girls

Pantaridis has been invited to participate in the Blood and Thunder World Cup for Team Greece from December 4-7 in Dallas, Texas. Sometimes, getting together as a team to practice for this event is a struggle, “A lot of countries have issues trying to get together and practice prior to the World Cup” said Pantaridis, this problem is due to a roster consisting of players from different countries. She will be 44 in October and the World Cup may be her last event before she retires as a skater, but for her, age is not a factor. “Age doesn’t matter” says Pantaridis, “It is how you are in your attitude”.