Picture this in your mind… You are sitting, no lounging (that’s a better term to use) with white sand in between your toes.  To the right of you is your frappe, to your left your significant other/eastern European honey that you met last night a one of Katerini’s Las Vegas-esque super clubs.  Thumping house music playing in the background coming from the beach bar that has been serving you for the better part of the day, hand and foot.  This, my friends is the ultimate relaxation for us Greeks outside of the Motherland.  Pure Bliss. So you aren’t in Greece this summer?  Sucks for you!  I’m just kidding (actually I’m not).  I’m not there either, and I am longing for a trip to the homeland… sigh… However, all is not lost for the summer my faithful followers!  There are plenty of spots on the East Coast to relax in the sun and have a good time during the summer, and I am Karantee-ing satisfaction.  I’ll count down the top 3 reasonable destinations for you Philly area folk right here!

Brigantine Beach, NJ – Laguna Grill

If you want to have a day on the beach and enjoy the sun, this is your place to go!  Brigantine is the perfect location for relaxation.  Located on 14th street, it is the perfect bar.  You can park your chairs in the sand right in front and enjoy the beach all day, and for a break between that walk right up to the outdoor deck bar right on the beach for a cold libation.  Their food is amazing (order the bbq chicken sandwich) and the drinks are always strong.  As the music plays in the background, it’s the perfect place to set the stage for the rest of the night.  There are two signature drinks that they have, the Rum Runner and the Pain in the Ass.  Order both.  Hell, order them at the same time.  And speaking of setting the stage, Atlantic City is right next-door; prepare for a long night of entertainment.

Ocean City, NJ – All of it

If you are reading this, the likelihood is that you love the boardwalk.  Ocean City, NJ is the best boardwalk around.  It has everything from t-shirt shops, to restaurants, pizza parlors, candy stores, carnival rides and even a water park right next to the beach.  You can definitely enjoy this destination if you have kids.  They will love all of the distractions and attractions.  Be careful, it can get a little pricey depending on your threshold of saying no to you children.  It is a true “family oriented” spot on the Jersey Shore and can be an excellent choice for a weekend getaway.

Seacrets “Jamaica USA”, Ocean City, MD

Seacrets, opened in June 1988 by Maryland entrepreneur Leighton Moore, is located at 49th Street and the Assawoman Bay.  It includes 17 unique bars, a restaurant, a hotel and five concert performance areas.  Known as “Jamaica USA,” the night spot features bands ranging from hip-hop to rock to reggae, including nationally-known acts.  Seacrets also has its own radio station (98.1 WOCM) and a line of clothing.  This place is awesome, and if you are 21-28 years old, this place is a playground!  Beautiful people are just hanging out all day and night long having a good time.  During the day, you can hang out in the bay on inner tubes while listening to great music, guzzling down cold brews and admiring the “view”.  By night, the place turns into a super club/live music exhibition as droves of entertainment seekers flock to its shores to party.  Trust me on this one, take a trip for a weekend to Ocean City, Maryland for a weekend and thank me later.