April 13, 2013. Philadelphia. – Pop band “Vegas” was in Philly this past Saturday evening. The trio are on a North American tour that is taking them through Boston, New York and in to several other cities where a Greek diaspora is present. Some time after midnight, ZeRaw and Melina popped out of an SUV in center city Philadelphia in front of Macey’s department store on Chestnut street. Making their way across the busy street to “Bru, Craft and Wurst” restaurant, they were met by “Cosmos Philly” reporters and several fans.

After a short interview and several photographs the pair heading into a bar room full of excited young Greek-American fans that had swelled up against the makeshift platform set up inside. There, they joined DJ Airth on stage, who arrived earlier. Saluting their fans and thanking the Greek community of Philadelphia, the trio wasted no time.

They spent the next several hours entertaining the crowed, both on stage and off. From one song to the next, they criss-crossed an array of popular music; some was their own, while others were by favorable artists. Directed by DJ Airth’s vibrant control of the console, the front two shared the stage dominance through out the evening.

Dressed in denim and carrying a chained wallet. ZeRaw, looked like a “60′s bad boy” as he hit the stage. His growling, low-key riffs and wraps welcomed the audience in to a familiar path of popular wrap. This allowed Melina to take the audience to the opposite end of the sound and visual spectrum; giving proof of her history associated with the National Conservatory of Music and dance where she trained.

All that tradition aside, the three of them kept an upbeat tempo all night and even mingled with the crowed on their breaks. Every time they got up and ran through a set, the crowed flooded the stage, pulled up their cell phones and snapped away. On more than one occasion Philadelphia’s Greek community took over the bar as well.

Every time Melina hit a note that set the room on fire, bar maids made their way on to the floor for “Flaming shots“. As the bumping and bouncing went on on the dance floor and everyone pressed forward, young ladies went up on the bar. Any time you give Greeks an excuse to dance they will and this night they strutted their stuff.

Vegas now on their 5th tour seemed like veterans. Their music skills overlapped with each other’s unique style and made for a fun night of popular Greek music. This performance will surely win over audiences here in the states.

This summer, the trio will join up with “Antonis Remos” and tour across Greece, linking both popular and traditional elements of Greece’s famous music scene.