It’s been a hot topic around the Delaware Valley for a few weeks now but the question of whether or not Mike Vick would return to the Eagles next season was finally answered. Most Eagle fans including myself thought Vick was as good as gone after the atrocious season he had in 2012. It was another typical Mike Vick year where he dealt with injures, threw plenty of interceptions, and made one bad decision after another. Yet after all of that Vick will find himself back in Eagle green at least for one more season under new head coach Chip Kelly.

Chip Kelly was set to introduce his new coaching staff to the media on Monday the 11th when shortly before the press conference news broke about Vick restructuring his contract to remain an Eagle for 2013. The Eagles tore up Vick’s old contract which was worth a total of $41.5 million for 2013-2015 seasons and instead struck a deal for one year. The exact amount of the new deal is somewhere in the neighborhood of $3 million but can get as high as $10 million for 2013 if Vick hits numerous incentives. Some of the incentives that are part of the new 1 year contract include not going over a certain number of turnovers, playing in a certain amount of games, and winning the Superbowl which is believed to be a $1million incentive alone.

I believe this is a great deal for both parties. The incentives will drive Vick to perform well in 2013 and actually earn his contract while the Eagles save money on the cap in 2013. Imagine that, a player actually having to earn his contract in today’s world. A large amount of Eagle nation wanted Vick gone after last season and it’s quite understandable. Since Vick went 8-2 in his first 10 starts with the Eagles he’s gone 10-15 since.

I’ve been on the fence about wanting Vick to return in 2013. Initially I wanted him gone like everyone else in town. He’s done nothing but underperform since his fantastic 2010 season. He’s thrown turnover after turnover. He’s been injured on a frequent basis, and his decision making has been pathetic. But as bad as he’s been when you look around the NFL landscape what other options do you really have for QB next season? I wanted to see what Nick Foles can do with a full year as the starter. I thought Foles showed some signs of a good QB last season but at the same time he clearly has some growing to do in the NFL. With that said Vick in a new system under Chip Kelly may actually spark him again.

Don’t count Nick Foles out just yet as he can still possibly end up being the starter. Chip Kelly advised Vick isn’t guaranteed to be the starter in 2013 or even on the team at all as it was stated by coach Kelly Foles and Vick will compete for the starting job in training camp. This adds an interesting dynamic to the entire situation. Coach Kelly will get the best out of both of these guys during training camp and you can’t ask for anything else as a fan. In my eyes Vick became lazy, and comfortable over the past 2 seasons under Andy Reid. He knew the job was his and realized he didn’t have to fight for his position. Now both QB’s will enter camp learning a new offensive system and only one will be named the starter at the end of the pre-season. With Kelly bringing a new, innovative offense to Philly neither QB will have an advantage over the other as both will enter the competition with an even playing field.

Regardless of the outcome in 2013 Vick most likely won’t be back after the season. If he isn’t released before the 2013 season he’s basically trying out for other teams for 2014 and Vick/Foles will serve as a stopgap for the future QB of the Eagles. This year’s draft doesn’t include any game changing QB’s like last year’s draft with Andrew Luck, RGIII, and Russell Wilson. This upcoming season will be the year of the stop-gap as it pertains to the Eagles QB situation. Unless Nick Foles beats out Mike Vick and turns it up several notches I don’t really see him as a legitimate, upper echelon NFL QB. He certainly has size and a nice arm but if you’re going to win the Superbowl you need a top tier QB. I’m hoping the plan is to use Foles/Vick for 2013 and draft the next big QB in next year’s draft.

It’s interesting how most of us around town referred to Vick as over the hill and losing a step. For the most part that can be categorized as a true statement. The problem is you can also say he was over the hill in Andy Reid’s system. You can’t deny Vick’s toughness and heart. The opportunity to prove yourself under a new coach in a new system might be just what Mike Vick and Philly fans needed. Stay tuned to see how this saga turns out as the Eagles off-season continues under new head coach Chip Kelly.