Villanova, PA – Soccer in Greece made international news last week, with the new Greek government suspending competition in the top-flight Super League after violence at a weekend match between the top two football clubs in the country.

Cosmos Philly’s Costa Xinos and Haverford College Associate Professor of history Alexander Kitroeff met up for coffee this week at Costa’s Nova Grill. The two discussed the current state of affairs associated with soccer in Greece and it’s ramifications on the country.

The Greek government has since scaled back its suspension of professional football in the country, which will now only include the top-flight Super League and will last for one week.

The current suspension is the third this season in Greece. A halt was called in September following the death of a fan after clashes between Ethnikos Piraeus and Irodotos supporters, while a second suspension in November came after an assault on the assistant director of the refereeing committee. Greece’s new ruling party Syriza has made an end to violence in football a priority.