Philadelphia, PA – Wrap your hands around this new Gyro if you can. It’s latest, in a trend of Greek grills to open, and it’s called “Yeeroh.” Just off the intersection of Broad and South streets in Philly, Greek-American Yianni Degermentzidis has launched his shop dedicated to the sandwich he has been fond of from his time in Greece.

The Gyro has been around these parts for a long time. It’s been served by many, and they’ve done it well. But just this year, Greek entrepreneurs have launched three new fast-casual shops around town that feature the Gyro. Yianni Degermentzidis, the owner of Yeeroh, introduced his own version of the traditional sandwich so popular in Greece just three months ago.

Building a traditional Gyro sandwich can be an art form at Yeeroh, but it also has a special place in Yiannis heart. First, you start with chicken, lamb or traditional pork. You can have it many different ways, including “The Classic” as it’s written up on the menu wall of Yeeroh. That’s the way they do it in much of Greece.

“I personally like The Salonika,” says Degermentzidis. “I spent many summers in Thessaloniki Greece where I had it served this way” added Degermentzidis. It’s the sandwich of the north, reads the menu. What makes it different? This sandwich has no Tsatsiki and instead is the served with ketchup, mustard, and fries packed into the grilled pita sandwich. “ I also add a spicy feta spread called Chtipiti,” added Degermentzidis.

Yeeroh is branding and positioning itself as affordable and customizable. It has a build-your-own sandwich option with mix-and-match mezze platters as well. Add in flexible hours, online orders, and this sandwich is sure to make your visit worthwhile.