Mr. PGBL’s Corner

Spartans 44 vs. FOB 37

Just when we thought FOB was going to pull through and get their first win of the season, the Spartans go on a late game run to take the lead and get the W. Jim Kemmerer leads the Spartans again, this time with 16 points. Going 8-14 from the free throw line, Jimmy could have had a better line if he shot better from the strike. Nick Kafkalas scored 14 tonight, and also shot poorly from the free thrown line at 0-4. Despite this, the Spartans did just enough to pull through and get another win. It looked like they would have a tough time tonight until 2 of the Spartans starters showed up a few minutes into the game and contributed right away. Can’t stand that Thursday night traffic.

FOB was almost there. Leading for 90 percent of the game, FOB just couldn’t do enough towards the end to keep the lead. The only bright spot was George Pantzaris who lead the team again with 12 points. George has been a leader vocally and with his game. Unfortunately it seems as if FOB is gonna have to win their first game with pure heart if the shots aren’t falling. I think they can do it.

Game ball: Jim Kemmerer.

Wolfpack 80 vs. Danny’s Boys 50

Ever since the Wolfpack lost their first game of the season, they’ve reeled off 8 straight games! That’s right, an 8 game winning streak. They are the hottest team in the league and right now they are the best team in the league. Lou Karapanagiotides had 15, Chris Voutsakis and George Vlahos had 14 a piece. But it was Nicko Papatsiaras who was the star of the game for the Pack. Nicko scored 16 points, his season high, and played a hell of a game defensively. Did I mention Nicko made 4 threes in the 1st half alone? Not known as a 3 point shooter, Papatsiaras should us he can be a threat. The Wolfpack are hot, and will be my number 1 ranked team come Sunday. Unless the Warriors can pull off the upset of the season, then I may have to reconsider.

As we all know, the regular season is totally different from the playoffs. And I’m sure when the playoffs come around, DB will be healthy and ready to ball. But right now, these guys are beat up. No Kosta Nikolos, Grigori Rallatos, or Dimitri Poulimenos. The Boys did have Pete Kathopoulis though, the leading scorer in the PGBL. Unfortunately, you can’t score 50 every game. Pete had a slow night at the office with only 10 points and the only other scorer in double digits for DB was Ari Raptis with 10. Until they get healthy, they will need to rely heavily on Kathopoulis’ scoring and making shots because the inside presence is just not there. No need to worry though, these Boys will be right there at the end. Trust me.

Game ball: Nicko Papatsiaras.

Kings 65 vs. Revolution 47

Like I’ve said before, there is a reason this team was ranked 1st in my preseason rankings. They have it all, size, strength, speed and shooting. And recently they’ve been flexing their muscles. Chris Kourelias had a fantastic game tonight, leading the Kings with 20 points and a handful of very pretty assists to the Kings big men Lou Sarris Grau (11 pts) and Laz Kalemis (7 pts). Kourelias was lights out from three point land as well, draining 4 threes which may be the most I’ve ever seen him make. Great job by the man who flies under the radar and doesn’t receive enough credit. Reigning MVP Bill Zonios is starting to get his stroke back and that’s a main reason the Kings are scoring so many points. Zonios has 8 threes in the last 2 games alone and scored 17 points tonight. Sarris Grau was a game changer on defense, I must mention. Altering and blocking shots all night long. The King’s ball movement was the best in the league once again and I’m looking forward to seeing how far they can ride this wave of positive energy.

A 4 game winning streak ended tonight but there is no time to think about this game too much. Sunday the Rev have to be ready for the Sixers, another team who promises to be a tough challenge. Pete Kada scored 16 points, 12 in the first half and probably 8 in the first couple minutes. A hot start for Pete but a cold second half. Gus Rombos scored 12 for the Rev but he was the only other player in double digits. The Revolution started the game hot, taking a 10-2 lead but couldn’t hold on after losing the lead by halftime, they wouldn’t take the lead again. 16 points is all they scored in the second half. Revolution fans need not worry, this team will make the playoffs. One of the most successful franchises in PGBL history, you can count of captain John Skordos keeping these guys on their game.

Game ball: Chris Kourelias.