April 21, 2013, Berlin, NJ. – One first notices the overwhelming classic White columns standing tall as they approach the entrance of this restaurant. For nearly 26 years now, the Greek community and the greater metropolitan community of Philadelphia have come to know this place, Adelphia Restaurant as a landmark of the community. Adelphia Restaurant is also a go to place for everything under the sun, or in this case, under the columns.

Last week Cosmos Philly food aficionado, Costa Xinos, visited the kitchen and sampled the food of this historically owned Greek Restaurant and find out, the head chef is not Greek. No matter. The food was excellent. In fact, Xinos says, its better than most Greek kitchens he’s visited in his life.

So how and what does a Mexican Chef know about Greek food? Well after 26 years of being part of this establishment he’s managed to fuse a bit of his past (Mexican) and tweak the Greek in him. He loves the Greeks and their food. In the summer even his kids spend time in Greece, where they brag about the taste of Tomatos from Greece vs. USA.

Check out both these foodies, as they prep and tastes Mousaka, Arni Kleftiko and Papoutsia. As an extra, a watermelon salad made by Chef Hernandez is featured for “Adelphia Restaurant”.