Despina Hondroulis passed away on August 15th, 20015 at the age of 92. Bessie as she was known to the Baltimore Greek community was the mother of Presvytera Chrissy Vlahos of St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox church. Father Steven Vlahos described her as a great cook, homemaker and all around warm person that he loved very much.

She was well known for her Greek recipes that were added to a cookbook produced by her parish, Annunciation Greek Orthodox church in Baltimore. Bessie was born in Bethlehem Pennsylvania and was married to her late husband Emanuel who passed 40 years earlier.

Bessie had three children, Sevasti, Demetrios and Presvytera Chrissy of St. Demetrios in Wildwood, NJ. She has one living sister – Julia in New York and five grandchildren. She was a lifetime member of Annunciation Cathedral in Baltimore where she served her parish. Her family came from Karaburun, Smyrna, Turkey. She also had three great grandchildren. Funeral services were conducted on August 19th at Resurrection Chapel (Greek Cemetery) in Baltimore, Maryland.