Philadelphia, PA – Greek school graduations commenced across the Delaware Valley this past week. Evangelismos Greek school on Bustleton ave. had thirty-one students, kindergarten through sixth grade attend the program and advanced.

This year, two of the students graduated from the sixth grade and completed the entire program- Vasilis Tsikoudis and Artemis Giannopoulou. During commencement at the church alter, Greek school students sang songs about graduation and recited poems. Teacher Yiannis Giannopoulos who was departing from the program was applauded and recognized for his outstanding leadership.

The program also introduced traditional Greek folk dancing, which was taught by instructor Liza Karakasidis. Two dance groups were formed from different age groups, where students got to explore the history and sounds of folk dancing from various parts of Greece. Throughout the year, students performed at a variety of events, including the annual Greek festival.

Registration for the new school year will take place on the first Sunday of September. Inquiries can be made at