Cherry Hill, NJ – Father Steven J. Vlahos of St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox church in Wildwood, NJ, has been described as a trailblazer by other priests. He has served in the priesthood for half a century. In that time, he has been instrumental in organizing his congregations and initiated projects.

Born and raised in Chicago, his journey in the priesthood took him from Arkansas to Illinois, Virginia, Maryland and then, to south Jersey, where he has been for these past forty years.

He organized the 1st Greek Festival in the Delaware Valley, known as the Agora, hosted at St. Thomas Greek Orthodox church. He was a founding member of the Delaware Valley GOYA and created the band Orpheus, today known as Atlantis of Philadelphia, to name a few of his well recognized accomplishments.

Arguable his biggest achievement would have to be the initiative to save his church, St. Demetrios in Wildwood New Jersey where he has been for the past 22 years. Because of it’s proximity to the ocean (about 6 feet), a new retaining sea wall was desperately needed to save his church from probable destruction. Vlahos solicited the Governor of New Jersey and North Wildwood Mayor and Council to build the 1.4 million dollar seawall that saved St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox church.

After 50 years in the clergy, he does not appear to be slowing. Today, he continues to develop new projects and strengthen his community with his forward thinking initiatives.