Egg Harbor Twp. NJ – A thundering display of fireworks over the church grounds signalled the end of Greek festival season at Holy Trinity. The 30 minute display brought on cheers and applause as the crowd looked on from their seats.

The 31st annual festival featured Greek food, dancing and hospitality many in the area have come to know. Walking through the campus welcoming parishioner smiles greeted you. Tents circle the grounds like a Greek village square and fill the air with aromas from loukoumades to grilled souvlaki.

As the sunset on this village, the dancing began. Two church groups performed original folk dances from Crete and Thrace. “Most of the customs go through our hands,” said dance instructor Vicki George. The colorful outfits are selected each year by George who has been involved with Greek dancing since she was a member of the GOYA.

Eager parents of the dancers and fans snapped up the historic moments with their cameras. Generations of Hellenes looked on with pride as their traditions and customs continue to be embraced by the Egg Harbor Twp community.