Bryn Mawr, PA – Rosemont College played host to the Hellenic Hearts’ First Scholarship Awards Ceremony this past Sunday. Under the direction of the Educational Guidance Program (“EGP”), eleven college and high school Greek-American students from around the Delaware Valley were awarded a total of $15,000 in educational scholarships. The common denominator for these students was “giving back.”

President of Hellenic Hearts, John Aivazoglou, Esquire, greeted the attendees and their parents at Lawrence Hall, for breakfast. It followed with a short speech about the Hellenic Hearts programs and their relationship that continues to grow with young Greek-American students in the area. “You were each recognized for your ability to give back. And I commend the parents for raising you as Greek Americans,” said Director of Scholarships Tim Vlassopoulos. Seven of the eleven students were directly from the “EDP.”

This message was also echoed by Louie Karapanagiotides, Director of the Educational Guidance Program. “ We ask you to stay in touch with us. Be part of the future and help us grow and support our community by participating in our mentoring program and other affairs.” Each student’s application listed a way that they worked in the community, from homeless feeding, cancer research fundraising, and working with their home churches.