Broomall, PA – By halftime of the St. Luke – St. George boys basketball game an upset victory appeared imminent. The score was 30-17 in favor of St. George (Media). The St. George boys under the direction of their coach, had played a wonderful first half controlling the rebounds and capitalizing on turnovers. It looked as if they would advance to the boys’ championship game at St. Demetrios, scheduled for this Saturday.

St. Luke 60, St. George 48

The second half was a completely different story. St. Luke regrouped and altered their defensive strategy. They switched from a man to man defense which was completely ineffective in the 1st half, to zone. They forced St. George to play a perimeter game and protected rebounds from inside the paint. A solid defense brought on quick fast breaks that were converted over and over again.By the end of the third quarter, St. Luke had taken the lead, 36-35. The 18-5 run was the boost they needed. Greg Vlassopoulos’ ball control and 15 of 19 foul shots put the game out of reach for St. George, who fell further behind as the game continued. Greg Vlassopoulos led all scores with 36 points.

Holy Trinity (EHT) 46, St. Luke 16

The Holy Trinity (EHT) girls had no trouble handling the St. Luke girls team on Sunday. Turnovers, steals, and experience, were the difference here between these two teams. A half-court press by Holy Trinity in the first half found St. Luke struggling to break it and set up plays. At halftime, Trinity led by a score of 16-5. It was a solid performance that continued through the second half as Holy Trinity routed St. Luke and advanced to another championship. Marianna Papazoglou of Holy Trinity led all scores with 34 points.

Other Games Final Scores
Girls: St. Thomas 21, St. Demetrios 11
Boys: Holy Trinity (EHT) 52, Evangelismos 38