Upper Darby, PA – No! Oh! $%@!… Yup, we choked again. The Greek National team managed to look dominating and controlled the game against the Colombians in the first round of the World Cup. The final score though proved that no matter how well you play, if you can’t finish by scoring a goal, it means absolutely nothing! And that’s what Greece got, nothing! They certainly had plenty of opportunities. In fact, they probably had twice as many as the Colombian team as they kept the pressure on and the ball at the Columbian end of the field.

The Colombians played fair at best and made the best of Greek errors. As I sat we sat with Greeks in the Pontian Leski on Market street in Upper Darby, all we heard throughout the afternoon, were moans of disappointment. Reporter, Kostas Xinos and fan Vasilis Psaras reflected on the game, by both agreeing that our team simply does not finish, and that this has been reflective of the last few weeks. Their lackluster effort in Philadelphia (friendly against Nigeria) and even their victory at Red Bull Arena (friendly against Bolivia) several days later has people puzzled.

Greece, goes on to play the Japanese national team this Thursday on ESPN. We’ll be out reporting on Greece and hopefully hear a few cheers of joy. If not, it’s going to be a quiet summer for Greece and this team.