Philadelphia, PA – The Greek American Heritage Society of Philadelphia hosted its annual general membership elections and dinner last night at Giuseppe & Sons. Officers and several new board members were elected. Desie Boston-Storti will serve a second term as President, followed by Vice President: Artemis (Tami) Tsingiropoulos, Treasurer: Nick Yiantsos, and Secretary: Christ Kotsakis.

The elected board had some new and familiar faces voted in as well. It will consist of John Vasiliou, Artemis Tsingiropoulos, Nick Yiantsos, Christ Kotsakis, Alexandra Kroger, Greg Vlassopoulos, Cheri Kristakis, Telly Vasiliadis, Desie Boston, Nick Valavanis, Georgia Chletcos, Desanne Nazaridis, and Ilia Iliadis.

The upcoming 76ers Greek Heritage Night and the Annual Photo Tour, “Greek Diners and Restaurants, the Start of the American Dream,” both scheduled for the new year, were also on the agenda for review during the evening.

The 76ers Greek Heritage Night was hosted for several years by the Philadelphia Greek Basketball League, but this year the reigns were passed to GAHSP. Vice President Artemis Tsingiropoulos will chair the event, and there are several changes. “2019 brought a lot of growth and awareness at GAHSP thanks to the success of events like our AXIA photo tour and our Fall kick-off at the Union soccer game. The interest in our organization has peaked fellow Hellene’s interest, and we are delighted we have new members not only joining but becoming board members”, said Tsingiropoulos.

76ers Greek Heritage Night

“2020 brings with it more excitement and outreach to the Greek community by teaming up with the 76ers for the 6th annual Greek Heritage Night on January 17th against the Chicago Bulls. This year tickets are for the newly renovated assembly room where everyone can gather with their families and friends to watch the game. There will be food, activities for kids, a raffle, and more! There will also be two dance groups performing before the game on the court. No doubt, this will be a slam dunk for our community and organization,” added Tsingiropoulos.