Wayne, PA – YSC sports facility is where the Delaware Valley soccer scene in arguable the best place to watch amateur soccer. Our own Greek team, United FC is at the top of the heap when it comes to talent and ranking.

Next month, Philadelphia will host a historic friendly match up between Greece and Nigeria (June 3rd/PPL Park), bringing the Greek community to a frenzy about the game they love so much.

On Thursday evening they continued to hold on to first place in their league which consists of some 22 teams. They beat Tilted Kilt which holds onto 3rd place, by a score of 3-1. In fact, United FC team is undefeated since last year’s playoffs.

Under the direction of Christos Nikolos, FC played a hard fought match with the Kilts, outshooting and controlling the ball most of the 1st half of the game. United FC nearly scored on 4 other occasions, that missed by hitting the goal posts. After taking a 2-1 lead, the team showed why they were in 1st place by controlling the tempo and protecting their lead the rest of the game. They managed to score a late goal and solidified their victory and position in the league.