Wayne, PA – Hellenic Hearts hosted its third annual golf tournament fundraiser yesterday. On a perfect spring day, the organization members and guests gathered, grew, and formed a deeper bond.

A few years ago, John Avazoglou, President and founder of Hellenic Hearts said, “this event now gives us our sea legs to move forward and implement our crisis management system, scholarships, and begin funding our Educational Guidance program.” Now, three years later, Hellenic Hearts appears firmly embedded into the community and has its eye on developing a broader audience both regionally and nationally.

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That was evident from the attendees and sponsors at the fundraiser from the midwest, like Chicago and Detriot. “Supporting our Philadelphia metropolitan plan is now in place, and we are expanding into the outlying counties of the Delaware Valley and beyond, to the midwest and New York,” said Director of Scholarship, Tim Vlassopoulos. A firm sense of confidence and joy last night as the organization celebrated. That was echoed again when a short promotional film summarizing the growth and development over the previous three years was featured during dinner. Giving back and support fellow Hellenes was the overall message.

“The important thing for the public to know about us is that we are transparent and a complete volunteer organization. We welcome anyone out there to check us out and join our organization,” said Aivazoglou.