Cherry Hill, NJ – Determined to make the best of the weather, The Pan Icarian Dance was hosted on Saturday night. A white blanket of snow across the Delaware Valley couldn’t keep the Ikarians celebrating their annual affair. Many other affairs we cancelled or moved to the next day. Although smaller, several hundred fans of the annual social gathering came out to.

A youth conference for Ikarians from all over the USA brought in hundreds of young Ikarians. The conference focused on summer projects and travel to the well known Island. Many of the young Ikarians travel home, to Ikaros during the summer months, to visit family and carry on the traditions of the Island.

Event organizer George Horiates spoke to Cosmos Philly about the upcoming Independence Day parade. The Kousoulis Family will march in honor, and as grand marshals of the parade for their daughter, Danielle Kousoulis who was lost at 9-11. The parade theme will be tied to that idea.