Philadelphia, PA – Some 300 members of the Greek community came out on December 3, 2012 to Elli Kokkinou’s performance at Whispers night club last night.

The term “Greek Time” seems to be alive and well. Scheduled to perform at 9:30 pm, Kokkinou strolled out to a very eager and energetic Greek community who waited patiently late in to the evening. The dance floor and stage front quickly swelled in front of Kokkinou who greeted the waiting crowed with kisses and big smile.

Dressed in glittering silver jeans and retro style T shirt, Kokkinou plunged in to a series of songs covering her latest hits. The crowed wasted no time joining in. For nearly 45 minutes, and with nearly every song, Kokkinou found the crowed both above (the mezzanine seciton) and below pulsating and singing along.

Kokkinou departed her hungry Greek music fans for a VIP section, where a meet, greet and photo op with her fans was scheduled and then left for NY.

Early in her performance, she reflected on Philly’s thirst for Greek musicians and expressed her wishes to return for a future concert.

Kokkinou is the first performance put on by Monstar Events. Monstar Events is scheduling a series of Greek concerts that will begin taking place in and around the Philadelphia area this new year.

For more information about upcoming Greek concerts in the Philadelphia sponsored by Monstar, visit them here at: