Upper Darby, PA – Rip City and the Wolfpack made the next step yesterday evening, by advancing in the first round of the PGBL playoffs. Thursday evening turned out to feature some dominating play and determination.

In game one, the Wolfpack took complete control, right away. They nearly ran the Warriors off the floor with their ball movement and domination both on offense and defense. Scoring at will, they were up 45-10 at halftime before the Warriors woke up. By then it was too late. Will Galatsiatos of the Warriors said, “we looked scared. we were flat on our feet”. Final score, Wolfpack 70, Warriors 49.

The battle of the R’s, the Revolution and Rip City featured two teams that matched up well- when they show up. That was an apparent issue for both teams all season. Each teams flip-flop record of 7-6/6-7 told you how close they were. The Revolution stuck their shots early on from the perimeter and appeared to have all their ducks in row going into halftime with a five point lead. But Jim Armanakis had something to say about that. His domination on the boards and 25 points led all scoring and advanced Rip City. Final score: Rip City 69, Revolution 65.