Basketball in Philly is back. It’s not the NBA or NCAA… nope. It’s the PGBL, Philadelphia Greek Basketball League. The Philly metro areas premier basketball league for the Greek community. 8-10 Adult teams compete annually throughout the fall-winter season for the chance to claim the championship title.

MR. PGBL keeps a careful eye all season long and calls it as he sees it. Each week, a rundown of the best and worst highlights are examined and written about in Mr. PGBL’s CORNER. Straightforward, honest reporting about Philly’s Greek Basketball league is reported Every Friday morning. To find out more, visit

Late breaking news has it, Mr. PGBL has decided to step down, vacating his position just before the start of the PGBL season. Now the question is, who was Mr. PGBL? Watch the video and find out here, at Cosmos Philly.