Just a week out of from Thanksgiving and five teams are separated by just one game for the top two spots in the PGBL standings. Upsets and injuries summarize what’s happened through much of this season. But team determination and a hefty contribution from Evan Tsiklidis was the difference last night for PAS Giannina. The rookie phenomenon led his team, as they leaped into a three-way tie, from 5th place to 2nd with their victory over Hellas.

Revolution 61, Lakers 41

The Lakers showed a lot of promise again, coming out with a solid performance against the Revs. They featured great ball movement and domination on the boards. George and Jimmie Armentani have managed to team up again with this newly formed team. They featured their agility and good ball rotation. But the Revs high powered and faced paced offense ruled the day again as they trounced the Lakers. The Revs are now tied for first place with Danny’s Boys.

PAS Giannina 49, Hellas 41

Where did Evan Tsiklidis come from? That’s the question of the day. As this lanky jumper led all scores with 33 of the 49 points scored by his team, PAS Giannina, last night. Tsiklidis was key inside the paint where he pulled off much of magic. He’s arguably the hottest rookie and a possible MVP nominee, although it’s still early. He’s currently holding on to the 5th spot as a scoring leader with an average of 22.20 per game. Hellas gave a great effort, especially in the first half, where they jumped out to an eight-point lead and kept the pressure on through much of the first half. An upset was in the making. But missed shots and lack of control on the boards hurt this team in the second half; that is still looking for its second win. PAS Giannina’s win and consistent play have now tied them for second place with the Wolfpack and Kings.

Warriors 58, Boardwalk Empire 39

At halftime, Boardwalk Empire and the Warriors were just four points apart (28-24). It seemed like this matchup might have a great finish. As a new team, Boardwalk Empire has competed well all season and managed to hold to a break even 3-3 record. Pretty good for a first-year team. But last night’s lackluster effort leaves me thinking they spent too much time working on their tans. Let’s hope they come back next week with a little bit more of that passion they kicked off the season with. On the other hand, the Will of the Warriors could not be denied last night. Will Galiatsatos made sure of that, as he led all scores with sixteen points. The Warriors came off a great effort against Danny’s Boys last week but came up short. Their scrappy play continues to make them a threat in the PGBL. Last night, it paid off as they dismantled their opponent.