Due to the overwhelming e-mails from our community, Cosmos Philly has decided to move the news/video segment “Save Upper Darby Arts 2012” to the main video feature section.

It’s the most diverse community in the state of Pennsylvania and The heart of the historic Greek community of Philadelphia. Upper Darby is the home to more than 62 languages and has a long legacy and history association with the arts, including the famed “Summer Stage” program that has continued to draw on many from around the Delaware Valley. Many well recognized artists and entertainers are the products of this wonderful place and our own Tina Fey grew up and went to school here at Upper Darby h.s. Many Greek musicians, singers, painters and photographers are products of Upper Darby as well.

Our Greek American multimedia forum, Cosmosphilly.com is staffed by more than 90% of it’s individuals from Upper Darby and is also based here as well. Cosmos Philly believes that the emphasis of an education should rely on being well rounded and that cutting the budget to the Due to the overwhelming e-mail concerns from our community at large in regards to the circumstances involving the news posting “Save Upper Darby Arts”, Cosmos Philly has agreed that this issue deserves more attention and therefore have moved the news/video to the video feature section. Your voices in this matter have been heard.