Philadelphia, PA – Why not start off your summer with the city’s biggest Greek Festival? Located in the heart of the olde city is St. George Greek Orthodox Cathedral. And every year the party begins on the grounds of the historic church. On June 1st through June 4rth, the parishioners welcome you back home, to Greektown. Join the crowd on the dance floor and yell OPA! Enjoy the traditional liquor known as Ouzo with friends.

A live band and Greek hospitality will make you feel a little closer to Greece. And of course, we have to mention the great food that’s simmering all day long. Gyros, spanakopita, and sweets all home made by the parishioners are on display and ready to be eaten. You can come indoors into our church hall and shop the vendors and then have dessert. Baklava and hot loukoumades made fresh along with a traditional Greek coffee round out a perfect afternoon or evening for families. The four-day festival is made for you.

St. George Greek Orthodox Cathedral Philadelphia, PA, 256 S 8th S, Philadelphia, PA 19107
June 1 – 4
Contact: (215) 627-4389