Clifton Heights, PA – Stosh’s and Mary’s Diner, on the intersection of East Broadway and Maple Ave.- that’s where members of the Clifton Heights borough community had set up to start their parade on Independence Day.

All across America, parades start in places like this, in the heart of historic towns at a place marked by time. Clifton Heights certainly has that. It was named after the residence of Henry Lewis. a one time Welsh Quaker. And this place actually has many hearts-all with in minutes of each other. From the fire station on Baltimore Pike, to Clifton Field just a few blocks away on Springfield ave, to it’s historic shopping centers and business districts and more, Clifton Heights is a historic slice of Americana that has survived the toughest times. Maybe that’s why, they keep the tradition going.

On the Fourth of July, civic organizations, businesses, fire trucks, and neighbors marched on through the town’s business district to Clifton Field. There they danced, shared a meal and wore their colors. Through out the last two decades, struggling through the economy, Clifton Heights has pulled together and survived. The overcast weather today surely wasn’t going to stop their parade.

In fact, String bands that were scheduled to participate in other parades, but cancelled, joined the Clifton Heights community and nearly doubled the amount of String band members in attendance. In Clifton Heights, the show goes on, rain or shine.