Philadelphia, PA – “I see Billy Penn and I think, I love my city”, said Artemis Tsingiropoulos. A statue of the founder of Pennsylvania, William Penn stands atop city hall and at the center of Philadelphia’s Broad Street Run. Last Sunday, for the fourth year in a row, Tsingiropoulos participated at the annual event that took her directly underneath the notable city marker. The famed ten mile run boasts the longest in the nation and attracts some 40,000 runners. Many run for the shear fun, while others participate with teams to raise awareness and funding for a variety of charities. Tami as she’s known in the Greek community participated this year for the first time as a member of team Determination.

A program under the American Cancer Society, team Determination is a nationwide effort established to help you achieve your personal race goals and change the course of cancer forever. “Their goal is to save lives, one smile at a time”, says Tami. Besides running for team Determination and raising funds, team members visit patients in hospitals. Its a personal touch they feel makes the difference says Tami.

Tami’s been around cancer. Her father in law passed away from cancer and her mother has twice battled with it. “I’m all about charities and taking on the challenges that life brings on. It’s one thing for me to run 10 miles, its another to help run, find a cure and be involved with organizations and causes like this”.

On Sunday as in years past, Tami’s husband George waited for her at the four mile mark where he gave her a kiss and cheered for her to carry on. He jumped the train for the finish line where they met and she improved her final time again. “I started running again after I had my kids” said the mother of two boys. “It motivated me mentally and physically”, said Tami. A lifetime member of the St. Luke Greek Orthodox community, she’s also been a member of the GOYA as a player and coach. Along with coaching and participating on the church track team, Tami has been an active member in the Greek community especially her churches.

The St. Luke Philoptochos where she is a member is well aware of Tsingiropoulos’ and also sponsored her efforts with a donation to the American Cancer Society. For Tami, the Broad Street Run is a symbol that connects her to community, church and family. With each year, the challenge to complete the run becomes more and more difficult. Closing in on 50, the following day for Tami and many participants of the Broad Street Run is a day of recovery. When asked if she would run again, she replied, “God willing, with my legs moving, knowing the exhilarating experience of seeing my city and it’s people, cheering me on from every race, color and creed, I will be back”.