Sunday, January 24th, 2021
Nameday of Filon, Philon, Filonas, Philonas, Xeni, Xenia, Xenis, Zosimas, Zosimus

St. George Greek Orthodox Cathedral receives relics from the Holy Land

For the love of Avgerinos

Philadelphia’s Evangelismos Church celebrates Greek Independence Day

Soccer League Unites Greek Community

St. Thomas Greek School Celebrates Hellenic Independence

Pan-Icarians “Atheras” Dance the Night Away

IOCC Philadelphia Chapter Celebrates 2nd Year

Philadelphia Parkway “Goes Blue”, Greek Independence Day 2013 – Pt. 2

Philadelphia’s Parkway “Goes Blue”, Greek Independence Day 2013 – Pt. 1

St. Luke’s Host 1st Annual Health Fair

Go Blue: Come Celebrate Greek Independence Day

GOYA Finals – Holy Trinity brings Home 1st Championship to Fans

Greek Independence Day – 192 Years of Freedom

Yes they did! Champion Sixers claim 2013 PGBL Title

Greek Americans, Remembering “Independence Day for Ioannina”

Semi Finals Conclude – Who will Rule the PGBL?

Federation of Hellenic American Societies prepares for Greek Independence Day Parade

GOYA Basketball, Holy Trinity – 2 Shots at the Championship

Chiotiko Apokriatiko Dance 2013

Spurs Upset 100% Arseniko Advance to Finals

St. George Holds off St. Demetrios, GOYA Basketball Playoffs

The Three Hierarchs Celebration at Evangelismos Greek Orthodox Church

PGBL: 100% Arseniko Holds Off Spurs

Celebrating the Three Hierarchs at St. Thomas Greek Orthodox church

Greek Soccer Club is Official, Panatha USA Philadelphia

PGBL: Grizzlies Make it II in a Row!

Pontian and Macedonian 1st Social Youth Gathering

Sandy Hook School Memorial Service at St. George Orthodox Cathedral

Remembering the Patron Saint of Ioannina, “St. George”

Dancing the Night Away, St. Thomas Greek School

PGBL: Grizzlies Win!

GOYA Basketball League: Who’s Going to the Playoffs?