Cherry Hill, NJ – If you were looking to get your blood pressure up, then St. Thomas was the place to be on Sunday. Three of the four playoff games for the GOYA ended with a total of 5 points between them. One even ended on a double over time.

For the most part, rankings meant nothing on this day. With determined minds and a will to win the games were as entertaining as any NBA game. There were more than 10 lead changes throughout the first three games and just when you thought your team would pull away, the other would come back.

Yes, it was a memorable night, that each church team should be proud of. The kids put on a show for nearly 6 hours, and to think it was all free. In the end, three of the four teams playing and winning in this years playoffs, are returning to play in the championships. Holy Trinity boys and girls, along with Elkins Park boys, will be in the big show, to be hosted at St. Demetrios in two weeks.