Tuesday, January 19th, 2021
Nameday of Efrasia, Makarios

AHEPA Condemns Rioters’ Violence at U.S. Capitol

AHEPA Chapter 69 Delivers Meals at the St. Thomas Senior Center

AHEPA Commends the United States’ Decision to Impose Sanctions on Turkey

Philip Nicolaides

Philip Nicolaides, A Life of Service in the Greek Community

Ahepans provide Thanksgiving meals, clothing to individuals in need

Timmy Papanicolas – An AHEPAN Immigrant Makes it in America

Anthony Anni

Anthony Anni: How Upper Darby Shaped my Life

Alexander Kitroeff

Alexander Kitroeff, The Greek Diaspora in America and Beyond

AHEPA Stands with the Armenian American Community

Basil Mossaidis

Basil Mossaidis, A Generation of Patriotism to Greece and America

Federation of Hellenic American Societies New Staff and Board

Greek American Heritage Society of Philadelphia, Job Opening for Archivist

AHEPA Applauds Administration’s Partial Lifting of Arms Prohibition on Cyprus

AHEPA Protests at Turkish Embassy

State Department Responds to AHEPA’s Concerns on Turkish Provocations

Nicholas Argyropoulos: “The Whole United States is Mine”

Hagia Sophia

Hagia Sophia – A Need for Action

AHEPA Thermopylae Chapter 445 Host Elections and Supreme President George Horiatis

AHEPA Statement in the Wake of the Killing of George Floyd and Civil Unrest

International Summer University – Greek Language, Culture, and Media

Training session with healthcare workers administered by Dr. Zaoutis

AHEPA Donates $30,000 to Support Public Health in Greece amid COVID-19

2020 Supreme Convention Canceled Due to COVID-19

Commemorating AHEPA Sunday

Federation Cancels Greek Independence Day Celebrations in Philadelphia

Federation of Hellenic American Societies of Philadelphia Annual Flag Raising Ceremony 2020

Greek Americans Rally in NYC in Support of Greece

The 2020 Eleftheria Awards Dinner

The 199th Anniversary of Greek Independence

Georgia Athanasopoulos

Georgia Athanasopulos, A Love of Two Lands, Panama and Greece

GAHSP: 2020 Photo Tour, “Greek Diners and Restaurants – The Start of the American Dream”

Dr. Niki Mendrinos

Dr. Niki Mendrinos, Proof that Test Scores Aren’t Everything

Youth, Spirit, and Community, 76ers Greek Heritage Night