Thursday, September 29th, 2022
Nameday of Kyriakos, Kiriakos, Kyriakis, Kiriakis

Book Review: Proselytes of a New Nation: Muslim Conversions to Orthodox Christianity in Modern Greece

Hydra and her Wooden Walls

Bill and the “Still”: A Greek American Prohibition Story

Park in Vrnjačka Banja

Buying Rakija in Serbia

San Nicolo, Trieste, Italy

World Wide [Greek] Commercial Web, Circa 1815

The Brothers Macedonian

Soleto, Province of Lecce, Italy

From Brindisi to Patras: August 2000

Chain Bridge, Budapest

Greeks in Hungary, a History in Two Acts

National Merchant Maritime Academy of Hydra

Hydra’s Nautical Academy: The Oldest in the World

Plovdiv, Bulgaria

My Bulgarian Summer: 1994

Greek Oranges… the Best in the World!

Train Station: Sidirokastro, 1994

Sir Patrick-Kyrios Michalis – Reflections on the Life of Sir Patrick Leigh Fermor (1915-2011)

Columbus was the “Crackpot” that Discovered America

Mariupol, Ukraine

Greeks and Ukraine, a Long History

The Colossus Of Rhodes And Lady Liberty – Two Identical Wonders of the World 2164 Years Apart

Sister Cities: A Great Way to Honor our Country and our Heritage

Greeks around the world

Time for the Greek Diaspora to talk… to each other

Telling the Byzantine Story


Retsina: A Quick Tribute to a Greek Blonde

Odessa, 1850

Silent Empire Builders – Greeks and Serbs in the Russian and Austrian Empires

Hydra sailor

The Greek Sailor: A Savvy Technocrat with a Heritage over the Millennia

Panagia Chapel, Diakonia Retreat Center

An Orthodox Oasis in the Blue Ridge Mountains: The Diakonia Center

The Treaty of Kuchuk-Kainarji and the Greek Revolution

New York, Astoria, USA, 2020

Philadelphia, USA, 2020

Mitros Petrovas

The Last Gunfighter of the Greek Revolution

Cherry Hill, NJ, USA, 2019

Jersey City, NJ, USA, 2019

Wilmington, DE, USA, 2019