Sunday, January 29th, 2023
Nameday of Varsamia, Varsamo, Varsimaios, Valsamo, Valsamia, Valsamis

Kompania Verdi: Where Music is a Family Affair

Hellenic Dance Festivals: Reflections on a Long and Deep Cultural Tradition

The Aegean In Dispute – The “Exclusive Economic Zone”

The Greek cruiser Georgios Averoff

Ship of Destiny: The Averof

Book Review: Proselytes of a New Nation: Muslim Conversions to Orthodox Christianity in Modern Greece

Hydra and her Wooden Walls

Bill and the “Still”: A Greek American Prohibition Story

Park in Vrnjačka Banja

Buying Rakija in Serbia

San Nicolo, Trieste, Italy

World Wide [Greek] Commercial Web, Circa 1815

The Brothers Macedonian

Soleto, Province of Lecce, Italy

From Brindisi to Patras: August 2000

Chain Bridge, Budapest

Greeks in Hungary, a History in Two Acts

National Merchant Maritime Academy of Hydra

Hydra’s Nautical Academy: The Oldest in the World

Plovdiv, Bulgaria

My Bulgarian Summer: 1994

Greek Oranges… the Best in the World!

Train Station: Sidirokastro, 1994

Sir Patrick-Kyrios Michalis – Reflections on the Life of Sir Patrick Leigh Fermor (1915-2011)

Columbus was the “Crackpot” that Discovered America

Mariupol, Ukraine

Greeks and Ukraine, a Long History

The Colossus Of Rhodes And Lady Liberty – Two Identical Wonders of the World 2164 Years Apart

Sister Cities: A Great Way to Honor our Country and our Heritage

Greeks around the world

Time for the Greek Diaspora to talk… to each other

Telling the Byzantine Story


Retsina: A Quick Tribute to a Greek Blonde

Odessa, 1850

Silent Empire Builders – Greeks and Serbs in the Russian and Austrian Empires

Hydra sailor

The Greek Sailor: A Savvy Technocrat with a Heritage over the Millennia

Panagia Chapel, Diakonia Retreat Center

An Orthodox Oasis in the Blue Ridge Mountains: The Diakonia Center

The Treaty of Kuchuk-Kainarji and the Greek Revolution

New York, Astoria, USA, 2020

Philadelphia, USA, 2020