Monday, November 11th, 2019
Upper Darby, PA, USA, 2014

Upper Darby, PA, USA, 2014

Cherry Hill, PA, USA, 2016

Cherry Hill, NJ, USA, 2016

South 31 Metope, Parthenon

Pammachon – A Martial Tradition and Ethos rooted in Hellenism

Elkins Park, PA, USA, 2014

Elkins Park, PA, USA, 2014

Greek cruiser Elli

Greek Merchant Mariners: Saying “OXI” Before OXI Day

Elkins Park, PA, USA, 2014

Elkins Park, PA, USA, 2014

Mehmed Paša Sokolović Bridge in Višegrad

A Trip to Bosnia and to The Bridge on the Drina

Egg Harbor, NJ, USA, 2016

Egg Harbor, NJ, USA, 2016

Theodoros Kolokotronis takes the Great Oath of the Filiki Eteria

Odessa: The “Society” Port

Chester, PA, USA, 2014

Chester, PA, USA, 2014

Episode from the Greek War of Independence, 1856

Thinking about the Bicentennial

Upper Darby, PA, USA, 2014

Upper Darby, PA, USA, 2014

Upper Darby, PA, USA, 2016

Upper Darby, PA, USA, 2016

Asbury Park NJ 2014

Asbury Park, NJ, USA, 2014

Nick Theodore sworn in for his second term as Lt. Governor

Uncle Nick of Greenville

Saint Andrew's Principal Chandelier

The Spectacular Beauty of Byzantine Art: Saint Andrew’s Church in Patra


A Grandson’s Visit: Ano Kastania

Brig Ares

The Merchant Marine: An Integral Part of the Greek Identity

The Olympian Gods

Greek Myths: the Gods of Olympus

Jerry Karapalides

Life According to Jerry

Hellas Liberty

The Blessed Liberty Ships: The Yeast that Caused the Greek Fleet to Rise

Greek Stamp of Frixos and Elli

The Golden Fleece, Greek Myth Matches Reality

Building the Church of Saint Andrew, Patra, Greece

Me and My Monkey


The Wawa Phenomenon

man opening his mouth

Greeks – We Don’t Mean to Yell, We Just Do

The Halcyon, a Panamanian registered Greek ship

The Battle of the Atlantic: The Gruesome Tale the Numbers Tell of Triumph and Tragedy

South Street, Philadelphia

Karagiozis vs. Karagiozis

Atlantis of Philadelphia 1997 - Recording "To Taxidi"

Yia Sou, Baby – 20 Years Later


Do You Speak Greece?

Greek BLAKS Friday

Mavrodaphne and Bavaria: The Story of the Achaia Clauss Winery in Patra

AHEPA: The Rise of the Phoenix

"I kseri elia" tavern, Hydra Island, Greece

Taverna Nostalgia

Smederevo: Last Stand of Serbian Byzantium

The Absent Byzantium

Smugglers and Tourism

Mystra: Byzantium’s Indian Summer

So You Want To Buy A Greek Island? Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!

Venice: Modern Greece’s First Diaspora

Bust of Socrates

Socrates and the Red Bandana

Meteora: a Unique Greek Experience