Friday, December 9th, 2022
Nameday of Anna, Annita, Anneta, Hanna, Aneza, Anezina, Anezinio, Anais

A Passion for the Lyra, George Karipides

Dia Karamitopoulos Yiantsos, Career, Faith, and Service

Documentary Film Reveals Philadelphia’s Shrouded History and link to the Greek War of Independence

Phil Voutsakis, A Love of Music and Dance

Artemis Tsingiropoulos

The Greek American Heritage Society Re-Elects Energetic President-Artemis “TAMI” Demetris Tringiropoulos

Remembering WWII Greek Veteran Anastasios Pogas

The Two Lives of Anthony Vraim

Remembering Danielle Kousoulis, 20 Years Later

Philly’s Historic Greektown Rises Again

Peter Patrikios

Peter Patrikios – An Overnight Success, Twenty-five Years in the Making

Artemis Tsingiropoulos

Moving forward, a new President at GAHSP

Philip Nicolaides

Philip Nicolaides, A Life of Service in the Greek Community

Timmy Papanicolas – An AHEPAN Immigrant Makes it in America

Anthony Anni

Anthony Anni: How Upper Darby Shaped my Life

Alexander Kitroeff

Alexander Kitroeff, The Greek Diaspora in America and Beyond

Basil Mossaidis

Basil Mossaidis, A Generation of Patriotism to Greece and America

Greek American Heritage Society of Philadelphia, Job Opening for Archivist

Nicholas Argyropoulos: “The Whole United States is Mine”

Georgia Athanasopoulos

Georgia Athanasopulos, A Love of Two Lands, Panama and Greece

GAHSP: 2020 Photo Tour, “Greek Diners and Restaurants – The Start of the American Dream”

Dr. Niki Mendrinos

Dr. Niki Mendrinos, Proof that Test Scores Aren’t Everything

Youth, Spirit, and Community, 76ers Greek Heritage Night

Greek American Heritage Society of Philadelphia Hosts Elections and Announces 2020 Events

Chris Polites

Chris Polites, A Century of Flowers

Greek American Heritage Society of Philadelphia Fall Kickoff Event

Greek American Heritage Society of Philadelphia Fall Kickoff Event

John Soloman

Soloman’s Gold Mine, The Arrow of Upper Darby

Gus V. Sermas

The Stroke of a Painter’s Brush, Gus V. Sermas

Elias Kostans, Angel On The Corner

Fr. Thornberg

Father Peter Thornberg, The Good Shepherd of the Faithful

Heritage Society Celebrates The Lives and Achievements of Greek Women of Philadelphia