There were no surprises this evening, the first night back after a week off for the New Year. A little rusty and a quiet start best summarize this Sunday night’s performances.

Game one featured the Sixers and the Warriors, old school versus new. Two siblings with a few miles and years apart met up and played a tough match that saw free throws and some key second half baskets that made the difference, giving the Sixers another victory and keeping them in a key position for the playoffs. Final Score: Sixers 48, Warriors 43.

In game two, what looked like a good match up on paper was only that. Rip City met up with the Spartans and controlled the game all the way through it seemed. Both teams were missing players and looked a bit rusty. Rip City ran up the score it seemed in the second half and walked away with a overwhelming victory. Final score: Rip City 59, Spartans 39.

The last match up featured two teams playing at opposite ends of the ranking and record spectrum. Arguable the best team in the league and fighting for first place, Danny’s Boys and FOB, had more of a friendly practice game. Danny’s Boys played to make sure they would be healthy for a real challenge which will take place on Thursday, when they meet up with the Kings. Final score: Danny’s Boys 50, FOB 39.