In Game one, the Wolfpack completely dominated the Sixers. They could do no wrong. They ran the floor and were in total synchronization, making passes behind the back and dropping three pointers when necessary. The game was close for the first few minutes when the score was 15-15. Then, the Wolf Pack exploded. Nick Ballis and George Vlahos put on a show, completely blowing by the Sixers. Final score, Wolfpack 86, Sixers 54.

Game two featured the Warriors and Revolution in a close match up. But the difference was the Revolution took off from the start, by running fast breaks, never looking back. Pete Kada who looked like he dropped a few pounds was gliding up and down the floor. He scored 38 points and led his team to victory. The Warriors needed someone to step up last night and take control which never seemed to come. Final score, Revolution 71, Warriors 53.

In game three, Danny’s Boys and the Spartans met up for a surprisingly close match. That’s probable because only half the team was present for Danny’s Boys. The Spartans actually led through the first half, until Pete Kathopoulos showed up and helped Danny’s Boys past the Spartans.