Mr. PGBL’s Corner

Danny’s Boys 73 vs. Rip City 64

The return of Kosta Nikolos for DB couldn’t of come at a better time. With the playoffs now under way, Danny’s Boys is looking like they are at full strength. Nikolos was very key in this win tonight, scoring 18 points and helping DB spread the defense out with another shooting threat. Pete Kathopoulis had another good game tonight with 29 points. If Kathopoulis doesn’t take home the regular season MVP this year it will be a travesty! Some very pretty pull up jumpers from Pete tonight. Danny’s Boys will take the week off and then focus on the Kings or Rip City again.

Rip City was short one man tonight and we all wish him the best. Vasili Fazos is home recovering from an unexpected incident and we are all praying for him and hope to see him back on the court soon! The Blazers hung in this game till the very end but just didn’t have enough to overcome and get the win. Early in the season I predicted that Rip City would go 10-6 so I wasn’t too far off. A good regular season all around for these guys and a good game tonight for George Mashas and Pete Kyriakodis who both scored 15 points. Time to focus on the Kings.

Game ball: Pete Kathopoulis.

Kings 69 vs. Sixers 42

The Kings have won 5 game in a row, by an average of 29.6 points! These veterans have been dominating their opponents with a combination of size, speed and experience. The last time the Kings faced off with the Sixers, it was a blowout win for the Sixers. Tonight was the total opposite, as the Kings controlled the game and cruised to victory. Foti Giannopoulos (23 pts) and Bill Zonios (22 pts) led the Kings offensively. Foti was hot from the outside and Zonios looked quick in the open court. The Kings are heading into the playoffs red hot and they will have to deal with Rip City in the first round.

This loss doesn’t mean much for the Sixers as they head into the playoffs with the number 4 seed. The defending champs will be defending their title against the Rev in the first round. Not much to say about the Sixers in this game except they struggled putting the ball in the hoop. The Absence of Jim Armenakis was hard for the Sixers to overcome, especially since the long 3 balls just weren’t falling. Time to forget this loss and focus on the boys in green and white. Rev vs. Sixers promises to be a great game!

Game ball: Foti Giannopoulos and Bill Zonios.

Wolfpack 74 vs. Revolution 69

The Pack opened up a big lead in this game and sat their starters, allowing the Rev to come back and make the score as close as it was. Either way, the Wolfpack have locked the number 1 seed and earned a 1st round bye. They have won an amazing 15 games in a row! That’s a PGBL record that’ll be hard to break in the future. Tonight the pack were led by George Vlahos with 23 points and Lou Karapanagiotides with 16 and a handful of assists. The Wolfpack will take this Thursday off and enjoy the luxury of being in the semifinals automatically. They will await the winner of the Sixers and Rev game.

Doesn’t matter. Does not matter what happened tonight so I won’t talk about it. I will talk about Thursday’s game against the defending champs. The Sixers are bigger but the Rev are just as experienced, with leadership from their captain John Skordos. It’ll be important for the Rev to get Pete Kada out in the open court and give him the green light to shoot and hopefully get hot from the outside. The Rev will also have to deal with big man Jim Armenakis so Niko Nasis will play a big role. Can’t wait to watch this game!

Game ball: George Vlahos.