Upper Darby, PA – On the first Sunday back from the holiday break, the PGBL started off quietly. Walking in to the gym, you noticed the snack bar was reopened (Spanokopita a must), Chronia Polla were being exchanged, bellies looked a bit fuller and there were plenty of holiday cookies at the scorers table, compliments of the referees.

In game one, the Sixers and Warriors faced off in a tough match up. The two teams have a history, it was big brother against little brother. Most of the players are old friends from the GOYA where many of them played for St. Demetrios. The Sixers, last years champs are seasoned veterans. While the young Warriors are the offspring and they too have a title under their belt from a couple of years ago. On this night, the gentle giants, the Sixers, prevailed without some of their key players. Final score 48 to 43.

In the second match up, two different histories came together. The Spartans, formally the Grizzlies, are a much improved team. Over the last two years, they have matured, won many games, and are always a threat to beware of. Rip City on the other hand, challenges anyone they meet. The old slogan “NO FEAR” might make for a good motto for this team. Fast paced and dangerous outside shooting, they can beat anyone on any given night, another slogan popular at the PGBL. On this particular evening, they dismantled the Spartans and proved again, why they can play with anyone. Final score, Rip City 59, Spartans 39.

Can you say mismatch? Well this game was just that. The newly formed two teams, Danny’s Boys and FOB (Fresh OFF the Boat) have nearly perfect records, but with opposite conclusions. Danny’s Boys at 10-1 and FOB at 0-11 couldn’t be further apart. FOB, is certainly working hard at every game. Their scoring points and starting to gel. Any time a new team enters this very competitive league it’s going to be tough, especially the first season. It certainly was for the Spartans. With a lot of hard work a victory can’t be far. We wish them well. Danny’s Boys formed out of the Spurs from last year, which nearly won the championship. With new comer, Pete Kathopoulos and several other additions, they’re certainly a threat to become champs. Game three could have been a route, but Danny’s Boys played it safe and used it as a scrimmage, although it still goes down in the books as a w. Final score, Danny’s Boys 50, FOB 39.