Last week in Philadelphia, the Pan Macedonian 66th National Convention took place. Hosted by the Pan Macedonian Society of Greater Philadelphia, (local chapters Pavlos Melas, Amalia and Youth of Alexander the Great) pulled out all the stops and put on a 4 day memorable event, that will be talked about for years to come.

Against an old city backdrop of cobblestone and colonialism, attendees experienced the city of Philadelphia and connected with their culture’s present and past. Period actors of Philadelphia’s past immersed themselves (with the attendees) through out the weekend event and even took the attendees on walking tours; While it’s youth took part in a scavenger hunt of clues that linked Philadelphia’s history to present day.

Lectures on Identity, the Greek Crisis and the history of Macedonia’s people, were all part of the program covering the heart of the event. Well recognized expert leaders from Greece and US, from business, history and publishing spoke on an assortment of topics concerning Hellenes today.

Sunday evening’s Gala event featured theatrical performances, dance troups from the region and an awards ceremony honoring sponsors and past presidents.

The weekend long events carried through to Monday, Memorial day for a picnic at Ridley Creek State Park.