Philadelphia, PA – The vibrance of a city Greek festival like St. George Greek Orthodox Cathedral is exciting. The intimacy of setting up and eating practically on the street makes you feel at home. Just like they do in the old country. And the aromas that draw you in as you an approach make it an easy place to find. Nestled between the overshadowing Greek Orthodox church and an apartment building may make this treasure hard to find. But when you do, the prize is well worth it.

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Some of the best Greek food anywhere is here. The souvlakia and gyros are certainly a hit. The line for those stretches out into the street. Add a Greek beer, a bottle of wine and sweet pastry from the next section and you’re little in paradise. It’s all homemade and authentic.

If you’re feeling a little warm, head inside to the classic church hall where the air conditioning and plenty of seating await you. When you’re ready, come back out and join the Greeks who will lead you in some dancing. The five-day affair goes on through today at 256 S 8th St, Philadelphia, PA 19107.