On June 4, 2023, the historic Ellis Preserve in Newtown Square, PA, became the stage for an extraordinary celebration of philanthropy and community unity – the annual Gala hosted by Hellenic Hearts. Renowned for its charitable endeavors, Hellenic Hearts’ gala became a landmark event that set new records in funds raised for an impressive array of philanthropic organizations.

This grand event was more than a gala; it was a platform that showcased the unyielding commitment of Hellenic Hearts to a multitude of laudable causes. Beneficiaries ranged from educational initiatives like the Filodoxia Scholar Program and the esteemed Hellenic College Holy Cross to cultural preservation organizations like the National Hellenic Society and the Oxi Day Foundation. The vibrations of goodwill that permeated the gala resonated deeply with the beneficiaries, reinforcing their commitment to societal betterment.

One of the most anticipated highlights of the gala was the prestigious Philotimo Award. Drake G. Behrakis, the Chairman of the National Hellenic Society and a leading figure in philanthropic circles, was the esteemed recipient of this accolade. The award, presented by Mike Manitos, the respected prior recipient, symbolized a poignant transfer of responsibilities and ideals, a torch of benevolence and perseverance passing from one outstanding philanthropist to another.

The gala was not merely an event but an embodiment of philanthropy. It encouraged attendees to continue their contributions towards making a positive impact on the world. The spirit of the gala was more than just a gathering; it was a reflection of the authenticity of generosity and goodwill that prevails in the community.

Adding a blend of amusement and charm to the gala was the captivating performance by Basile The Comedian. His entertaining act, balancing the gala’s profound ambiance, ensured a memorable evening for every participant.