Cherry Hill, NJ – On Easter Sunday, we go to church, chant “Christos Anesti,” and enjoy the Feast of Feasts at home or with loved ones. In addition to the food and drink, spending time with loved ones is an equally important part of this great tradition. This past Easter Sunday, many in the Cherry Hill community stopped over for a “drive-by” at the home of Constantine “Gus” and Georgann Horiates.

Gus is a very well-known figure and personality in the community. His dearly and recently departed Father. Louie Horiates passed away from a battle with cancer last May. Costa is currently undergoing cancer treatments and has been battling this disease for months. “I am giving it everything I have. I have my faith and love of family that is getting me through these times. Seeing community members, cousins and friends stop over today was truly a blessing I will not forget”.

It was a sunny Easter day when the cars came over in a steady stream at noon. Then it turned, instead of a drive-by, into a walk-up. Georgann set Gus up on the lawn where he could see his friends from the sidewalk distanced for fear of infection. After not seeing Gus in person for some time, Gus and the many who stopped over shared laughter and tears. In a way, the event was its own Perfect Easter Sunday with family and friends.

Gus is a longtime community leader in the Saint Thomas community. He is a member of the Parish Council and a former President of its executive board. Gus also has served in other capacities in giving to his community, from being in charge of AHEPA’s scholarship funds at both the local and district level to being a former Parade director for the Philadelphia Federation of Hellenic Societies of Philadelphia. Even during his current healing time, he attended Parish Council meetings on Zoom.

The best part of the event was when Father Augustino, the Proiestameno of Saint Thomas Church, stopped by and spent time after church services were concluded. Sitting Indian-style on the lawn next to Gus, they talked and talked as if it was an Easter picnic. “It was extra special to have Father stop by after a week of services. We are so blessed to have Father in our lives. I thank everyone for stopping by and for your prayers. It helps me in this continued fight. It was a perfect Easter Sunday, as bizarre and odd as it sounds under the circumstances. All I can say now is Christos Anesti!”