George Burlotos (1923-2020) was a pillar of his community with roots that reached beyond the geographic boundaries of the Philadelphia metropolitan area, and into the hearts of his fellow Hellenes. A veteran of WWII, he participated in many professional, civic, and Greek organizations, and promoted his culture and Greek Orthodox faith.

George’s endeavor into the media industry, which started in radio and transcended to public broadcasting, has perpetuated Hellenism around the Delaware Valley for generations to come. His signature send-off, “Yia Sas,” will always be fondly remembered by his loving fans and the entire community. The following four-part series is a celebration and testament to the countless ways he touched every one of us.

George Burlotos Receives the Eleftheria Medal

In March of 2018, George was awarded the Eleftheria Medal by the Federation of Hellenic American Societies of Philadelphia and Greater Delaware Valley.

The Poems of George Burlotos

Written and narrated by George Burlotos, two poems about subjects near and dear to his heart – the Church and the Greek Independence Day.

A Photographic Essay of George Burlotos

Images from the life and times of George Burlotos from his family and Cosmos Philly.

Interview with George Burlotos

Sponsored by the Philadelphia Greek American Heritage Society of Philadelphia, George shares his life in this historic interview titled “George Burlotos, Yia Sas”.