Las Vegas, NV – The American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association (Order of AHEPA), the leading grassroots service association for millions of American citizens of Hellenic heritage and Philhellenes, recently elected Savas Tsivicos as the Supreme President during the 101st Annual Supreme Convention in Las Vegas.

Running unopposed, Tsivicos, a Thomas Edison Chapter 287 member from Ocean, NJ, expressed his gratitude and eagerness to lead the esteemed organization in the coming year.

In his first act as the newly elected Supreme President, Tsivicos immediately opened AHEPA’s Emergency Relief Fund to gather donations to assist the victims of the devastating wildfires in Greece. The outbreak of wildfires in Greece has caused significant damage to communities and natural habitats, and AHEPA is committed to providing much-needed support and relief to those affected.

During his term, Tsivicos plans to collaborate closely with the Supreme Lodge and district governors to focus on programs that foster membership growth and expansion. Furthermore, he encouraged AHEPA’s core leadership team to engage with their respective chapters and promote initiatives that align with the organization’s mission.

“The need to provide community service is never-ending, both in the United States and abroad. I am eager to work with the Supreme Lodge and our membership to address this challenge, as well as others that may come our way,” Tsivicos emphasized. “Of course, the promotion of Hellenic ideals will always be a priority for AHEPA, and I pledge to keep AHEPA on a steady path set forth by my predecessors with a spirit that is true to our mission.”

AHEPA Elects Savas Tsivicos as Supreme President

The newly elected 2023-24 AHEPA Supreme Lodge includes the Executive Committee: Canadian President Emmanuel Constas, Supreme Vice President E. Chris Kaitson, Supreme Secretary Dr. Zenon Christodoulou, Supreme Treasurer Demetrios Kirkiles, and Supreme Counselor Themistocles Frangos. Alongside them are the Supreme Governors: Kostas G. Sofikits (Region I), Georgio F. Comninos (Region II), Dimitri Rozanitis (Region III), Alexander Boutsioulis (Region IV), John Karipides (Region V), George George (Region VI), Marshall A. Monsell, III (Region VII), Wynn Storton (Region VIII), and Basilio Petkidis (Region X). Chris Atsaves retained his position as the AHEPA Supreme Athletic Director, while Ted Vittas was elected the Son’s Advisor. Nicholas Aroutzidis and Alex Geourntas secured re-election to 3-year terms, and Louis Atsaves was elected to the AHEPA Board of Trustees for a 1-year term. Nicholas A. Karacostas, PSP, maintained his position as the Chairman of the Board.

Additionally, the elections for the AHEPA Family organizations took place, with Marianthi Treppiedi becoming the newly elected Daughters of Penelope Grand President, Alec Economakis as the Sons of Pericles Supreme President, and Ally Tsenekos as the Maids of Athena Grand President.

The 101st AHEPA Supreme Convention concluded with the Installation Ceremony of the newly elected officers. The convention began on July 24 and served as a platform for AHEPA members to discuss important matters, plan future initiatives, and celebrate their shared Hellenic heritage.

Looking ahead, the 2024 Supreme Convention will convene for the first time in Cyprus, marking a significant milestone for AHEPA. The American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association continues at the forefront of community service and promoting Hellenic ideals. Under the leadership of Savas Tsivicos, it is poised to strengthen its impact further in the United States and abroad. The Emergency Relief Fund for Greece’s wildfires is a testament to AHEPA’s commitment to helping those in need, showcasing its unwavering dedication to its mission and core values.