Philadelphia Metropolitan area – The Pontian Club House “Akritai” celebrated the holiday season with a week long series of (Kalanta) traditional Christmas caroling and a Christmas party.

This past week, the dance troupe and youth members of the “Akritai” (Philadelphia/Upper Darby) visited homes, businesses and churches all over the Delaware Valley, performing their traditional Pontian singing in full attire and were accompanied by musicians from Greece.

One of the worlds best recognized Lyra players and singers Yiorgo Sofianidis came in to perform and support the efforts of the Philadelphia chapter that opened it’s doors on Friday evening to the Greek community. The chapter held a party at their community club house that brought in a variety of other singing troupes, such as the Pan Macedonians and the Aristotle Academy as well as the Greek community at large.

the scene echoed scenes of Greece. Many local members came in for a meal and watched as the singing and dancing went late in to the evening. Over the course of 5 days the Pontian dance troupe performed along side Sofianidis raising much needed funds for their future endeavors.