American Actor, Helen Slater, who starred in such films as “Supergirl,” “Ruthless People,” and “City Slickers,” and many television roles on “Will and Grace,” Seinfeld,” and most recently, “The Lying Game,” has turned to Ancient Greece for her next endeavor. Myths of Ancient Greece is a collection of songs and narration for young children to learn about and understand Greek mythology.

With tracks entitled Demeter’s Song and Orpheus and Eurydice, children learn how Greek mythology was used to teach the Ancient Greeks about the changing of the seasons, falling in love, and the world around them, while entertaining and educating the children of today. “Finally something nourishing and fun to play for our kids,” stated Academy Award Winner Helen Hunt when asked about the recording.

Slater was born on December 15, 1963 in Bethpage, New York. She attended Great Neck South High School and then transferred to the High School of Performing Arts, graduating in 1982. Her first acting debut was in the ABC Afterschool Special, “Amy and the Angel,” in 1982 and has continually worked in film and television to the present and recording three CDs, her debut, “One of These Days,” being released in 2003 and her latest recording, “Shine,” in 2010.

No matter how many thousands of years separate the world of today from the Ancient Greeks, their stories are just as relevant today as they were then, and they continue to have an influence on modern society. Slater’s, “Myths of Ancient Greece,” certainly proves that the myths of the past are still exciting. “Myths of Ancient Greece” is available on iTunes and Amazon.