Greek singer Anna Vissi will perform at the Ocean Casino Resort in Atlantic City, NJ, on Saturday, May 21, 2022. The event will take place at Ocean Hall beginning at 9:00 pm. Tickets are going fast for this first spring concert.

Tickets & Info

Pathos Inc., 609-741-7275
George Rigopoulos, 678-521-9084
Ocean Casino Resort VIP Casino Tickets: George Katsantonis, 609-783-8033

About Anna Vissi

Anna Vissi is a Greek Cypriot singer, songwriter, actress, television presenter, radio personality, and businesswoman. She studied music at conservatories and performed locally before moving to the professional scene in Athens in 1973.

Vissi established herself in the recording industry by winning the Thessaloniki Song Festival in 1977 with the song “As Kanoume Apopse Mian Arhi” and releasing her debut album of the same name. Since the 1980s, Vissi began a nearly exclusive collaboration with songwriter Nikos Karvelas.

Vissi experimented with different styles of music; after becoming one of the first Greek artists to introduce Western pop and dance elements into Greek laïko and entehno, she became one of the most prominent portrayers of the laïko-pop hybrid genre and culture that was thriving from the mid-1990s into the mid-2000s. She landed her biggest commercial success with Fotia (1989), followed by the double Kravgi (2000), which became the eighth best-selling album of all time in terms of units, while five others – Kitrino Galazio (1979), I Epomeni Kinisi (1985), Klima Tropiko (1996), Travma (1997), and Antidoto (1998) – have also achieved six-figure sales. She has released over two dozen albums throughout her career, most certified at least gold in the two countries. She has also starred in three theatrical productions and briefly ventured into television and radio.

She has a large number of successful singles, most of which have become classics, including her signature song “Dodeka,” “Methismeni Politia,” “Oso Exo Foni,” “Pragmata,” “Agapi Ipervoliki,” “Psychedelia,” “Ta Mathitika Hronia,” “Treno,” “Stin Pira,” “Atmosfaira Ilektrismeni,” “Gkazi” and many many more. She kept a strong fan base through the years, sold-out tours and shows.