Upper Darby, PA – Annunciation, Elkins Park, is sitting on top-again. The three-peat champions beat St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox church yesterday. Final score: Annunciation 54, St. Demetrios 49.

Jim Armentani of Annunciation led the attack for his team, by weaving his way through the zone defense of St. Demetrios and drawing plenty of fouls as well. For the first few minutes of the game, the two teams exchanged baskets. St. Demetrios stuck to a running, fast break attack that ended in the first half with a three pointer that brought them within three.

But thats where it stalled out for the St. D’s boys. The first half of the third quarter they could not score a bucket, while their defense continued to be penetrated by Armentani and the Zoubroulis brothers. The three of them chipped in all but 2 of the teams total 54 points.

St. Demetrios kept pace and closed with in a bucket several times, but too many turnovers kept them from taking the victory. Annunciation is now in first place in the boys GOYA Varsity division, and looks to contend again for another championship. The only thing this team lacks in size. But with their speed and if they can stay healthy, they will definitely be part of the finals.